Palletbreaker – Palletshredder – Palletcrusher

Woodshredder type HYENA 1300/170

Machine designed to breakdown FULL SIZED waste pallets, ( parts of pallets) or other fragile materials, into “handsized” pieces.

The input is at the top of the machine, or laterally via a manual operated door.
The processing is piece by piece.
The broken product is pushed out the machine direct into container/bin or BigBag.

Capacity ca 10-20 pcs per hour.
Palletbreaker 1300/170, equipped with 7,5 KW hydraulic powerunit
Infeedopening 1300 x 170mm
Main dimensions L 1600 x W 900 x H 1500mm
Height discharge opening 1200mm
Weight ca 1400 kg
(onbehalf technical modifications)


  • processing voluminous parts with compact machine, small footprint
  • discharge directly in bin/bigbag/container
  • volumereduction up to 60- 80%
  • massive savings on transport costs
  • minimum storage place
  • Revenue instead of disposal costs
  • 7,5 KW installed power
  • automatic processing
  • very easy operation

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