Shred pallets quickly with the Lumago pallet breaker and / or shredders

Are you hindered in your company by a large stack of wooden pallets that actually have to be thrown away? Lumago has shredders that allow you to easily shred the entire stack of pallets.

If you are bothered too much by waste, because your company works a lot with disposable pallets, for example, you can buy a pallet crusher pallet cracker or shredder from Lumago to shred your pallets. If you shred pallets, this saves considerably in volume, and it is also easier to offer the shredded pallets as fuel for incineration or waste processing.

After your pallet is shredded …
If you want to shred pallets, you can use the wood chips to burn in an industrial boiler. The advantage of the industrial boiler is twofold: you have shredded your pallets and are therefore rid of your waste, and your building is heated cheaply.

View the different pallet breakers, choppers and shredders on our website. Lumago is a supplier of waste reduction machines and a specialist in this field. Do you want to buy a new or used machine? Then you have come to the right place. If you want to know more about shredding pallets, please contact us via the contact form.