Lumago bv introduces a new innovation

The Lumago pallet breaker type PYTHON.

With this newly developed machine, Lumago meets the needs of the market to develop a compact machine with low energy consumption, with which whole pallets and other fragile products can be reduced to “hand size” pieces.

Especially intended for wholesale companies, logistics centers, machine factories, construction sites etc where a few dozen (disposable) pallets end up in the waste containers every day.

She succeeded in this with the innovative Lumago pallet breaker, type PYTHON, which has an installed capacity of only 7.5 kW. !!! and with which 20-50 pieces of pallets can be break-down per hour. The volume reduction is up to 80%, so a significant saving on disposal and landfill costs. It should be noted that in many cases the end product even has a positive value instead of costs.

The machine is unique and one of a kind on the current market.