The best Wood Shredder can be found at Lumago

Does your company have a lot of wood waste to process? At Lumago we have found the answer. With a wood shredder, all large pieces of (waste) wood are processed into easy-to-clean wood chips. When you collect a lot of wood waste for work, for example because you are sent a lot of disposable pallets, a wood shredder is very useful. With this device you reduce the volume that the wood waste occupies until only a small volume of waste remains. The wood shredder can also supply wood chips for a wood stove, with which you can heat your building in an inexpensive way.

Also a reduction in costs
With a wood shredder you have on balance less waste, which is cost effective for your entire company. First of all, you have to pay less for the disposal of the waste. In addition, your waste stack no longer has to take up much space. When the wood shredder is used in combination with a stove, you have no waste at all and you also save on your heating costs. Lumago is a supplier of waste reduction machines and a specialist in this field. Do you want to buy a new or used machine? Then you have come to the right place. If you want to know more about the wood shredders of Lumago, look further on the website. Or contact us directly.

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